Monday, March 4, 2013

Want a 'zine on shooters? Check out the Pink Bullets

Pink Bullets is a rather neat shoot-em-up blog that started up awhile ago. Cool chap Ian Cortina has just put up a pre-order for a 28 page color 'zine, which definitely looks to be worth checking out. It's looking to be about $10 shipped to the US, which is a pretty decent price! The site says that he needs to reach 100 pre-orders for it to happen, but it looks like it's already surpassed that number so publication is a sure thing.

Having published a couple books (with more planned on the way), HG101 fully supports any efforts for publications like these, especially on relatively niche topics like shooters. Please give them your support!


  1. This seems nice and all, but "awhile" is an adverb.

  2. Damn, it's sold out now.