Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Nintendo Power Retrospectives - Part 4

I'm picking up my pace this issue and taking a look at issues #4 and #5 of Nintendo Fun Club News.

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  1. love this feature, thanks.

    also have you ever played dividead? it's an excellent adventure game. i just played through an english translated version for the dreamcast. i'd love more of these types of games featured on the site -- with your recent articles on trace memory and again and your overall interest in adventure games i can only hope! -- theresia: dear emile, 9/9/9, princess tomato, ever17, moon princess legend, famicom detective club, sleepless night, lux-pain, hotel dusk/last window, all that stuff.

    also i'm very interested in the snes visual novels. this article is pretty good -- -- but i'm curious about your guys's thoughts on these games. There's apparently some official translations coming out, as well as the Apathy Midnight collection fantranslation project some guy is 100% done with translating and is now doing the integrating-into-the-games stuff. Visual novels are the future...