Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update - 3/6 - Asura Blade/Buster, Gaia Crusaders, FEDA, Burn: Cycle, Oh S#!+

Ooops! I did mention I'd probably be falling behind on updates for a tiny bit, but don't worry - I'm not intending to fall back on the hold "update maybe every five or six weeks if I feel like it" sorta thing. This update includes a few obscure gems, if you're into 2D fighters, beat-em-ups, or SRPGs, respectively. The Asura series, consisting of Asura Blade and Asura Buster, is one of those late 90s fighting games that everyone ignored because the time for the genre had long passed, but somehow turned out pretty well despite being developed by a no name company. Gaia Crusaders is an excellent belt scrolling fighter by Noise Factory, the folks who would later work on such excellent SNK titles like Sengoku 3 and Rage of the Dragons. And finally FEDA, is a Fire Emblem/Shining Force-type strategy game originating on the Super Famicom, where performance in battle is metered and rewards (or punishments) are doled out appropriately.

For those who are a fan of the "so bad it's awful" type of kusoge instead of the madcap lunacy of last week's entry, we've got two to make up for last weekend's non-update: Burn: Cycle, a silly FMV puzzle/shooter thing with that unfortunate mega-90s style, and Oh Shit! (this in indeed the title) which combines a Pac Man ripoff with cursing, thereby making it a kusoge in the most literal sense. Apologies for the lousy pics on Burn: Cycle - the game's impossible to get running under modern Windows without installing Windows 3.1 under DOSBox, so we just grabbed some pics off some Youtube videos.

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