Monday, March 14, 2011

Update - 3/14 - Espgaluda, Black Heart, Limbo of the Lost

PAX East sorta screwed up the weekend update, but better late than never. Espgaluda is a Cave shooter, sort of a pseudo-sequel to ESP Ra. De. in that it borrows the whole "flying people" schtick, but other than borrowing a few elements, is largely its own game. The second game hit the Xbox 360 last year, which was region-free, and a decent port was recently published for the iOS worldwide. Lesser known is Black Heart, a side-scroller shooter starring a dragon-riding knight, made by the same folks as Saint Dragon. It's not too bad! But on the "actual bad" side is Your Weekly Kusoge, Limbo of the Lost, mostly known for stealing assets from at least a dozen other games. Even disregarding this, it's a hilariously bad adventure game in its own right.

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