Sunday, March 20, 2011

Parasite Eve & Tango and Cash?

We're not had an update in a couple of days, so just before we do the HG101 update entry (I've seen some nice articles planned), let me squeeze this bit of ridiculous nonsense in. Parasite Eve was recently released on PSN, which I've been enjoying the hell out of (despite not being able to skip cut-scenes). I first played the Japanese import back in the day when a guy brought his chipped PS1 to school and we spent several lunchtimes at school going through it - this was my first my time playing it in English, and while it somehow seems drastically different from those halcyon high-school days, I did notice something: the whole time while playing, the Missing Perspective theme in PE sounded very similar to the main theme from Tango and Cash. Just a few of the opening chords, maybe if you sped PE up bit... Anyone else agree? No...? Hmm, might just be me then.


  1. Could be just you. At least I don't hear the similarity. I even tried speeding up the PE track.

    Thanks for bringing Tango & Cash up (I can't get that theme out of my head now). I now know which one of my DVD movies I want to watch again soon. :)

  2. Actually, the star of Tango and Cash at the very start sounds like some remix of Missing Perspective. Not so much after that.