Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Larry Siegel of THQ - do you know him?

Or for that matter Jim Gregory at Atari? I'm tracking these two gentlemen for HG101, in connection with something that will prove very, very exciting for readers. Read on to find out more...

Unfortunately I've hit an impasse, so am turning to the readership to ask - do you know these gentlemen? Do you work with them or know how to contact them? Do you know where they are now? Both of them seem to have dropped off the radar entirely.

I can't explain precisely why, just yet, because it's a bit like the Orz, or maybe Cthulu. Once the world knows of its existence, potentially bad things could happen. But trust me when I say it'll be worth it. Unless I find nothing, in which case I'll explain why and it'll be open season for everyone.

Some facts:

Larry Siegel was at Black Pearl Software and then THQ up until around the millennium. According to Mobygames he's credited on the following:
* Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt (1999), THQ Inc.
* Bass Masters Classic (1995), Black Pearl Software
* FIFA Soccer 96 (1995), THQ Inc.
* Madden NFL '95 (1994), THQ Inc.
* The Ren & Stimpy Show: Time Warp (1994), THQ Inc.

He also appears to have a profile on LinkedIn, but attempts to contact him via the site haven't had any results.

Jim Gregory was at Handmade Software (Swinton, UK) for a time, making Atari games. Notably several Lynx titles and Kasumi Ninja for the Jaguar. According to Mobygame he's credited on the following:
* Battlezone 2000 (1995), Atari Corporation
* Kasumi Ninja (1994), Atari Corporation
* Awesome Golf (1991), Atari Corporation

The original companies these gentlemen worked at no longer exist, and despite managing to contact their former colleagues, no one as yet knows how to contact the two.

If you have any information pertaining to their whereabouts, post in the comments or email HG101 via the contacts on our front page.


  1. I work at THQ and I can tell you that Larry Siegel is no longer listed as working here. I'll ask around with some of the old timers and see if anyone knows Larry.

  2. That would be super awesome!

    If they mention any secret projects he worked on around 1993/4, keep the details under your hat for the time being and drop us an email. :)

    There may well be others at THQ who worked with him on it - but Larry's and Jim's (sub-contracted) are the only names I have.

  3. Does this have anything to do with milk, or is that just some random picture?

  4. @derboo
    Hm, i think it's a reference to boxes of milk that have pictures of missing people in them.

  5. It's not random, milk cartons use to have pictures of missing persons back in the day (at least in the US).

  6. In the USA they put missing persons pictures on milk boxes - since the idea is that everyone drinks milk so everyone will be aware of a missing kid.

    We don't do it in the UK, but the concept has become a well worn cliche in some media. At the very least we're accustomed to it through American films. I've seen it used in loads of places.

    I also seem to recall an old issue of EDGE running an article called "where are they now" and it had pictures of old game developers on the side of milk cartons.

  7. Yeah, pictures of missing kids on milk cartons is pretty ingrained into pop culture. I don't actually see it often myself in real life, but lots of movies and such have featured such a thing.

  8. they didn't have the milk-cartoon thing in the UK? It was even in the Blur video for "Coffee & TV"!

  9. Hm, that phenomenon eluded me completely... interesting.

    Although if I got to choose a product that I think everyone uses, I'd print them on toilet paper.

  10. Please inquire about Akira on Sega CD if you do get in touch with them, I believe Black Pearl was involved with that

  11. What do they know? Why are they missing?

  12. larry can be reached at

  13. Hi. I dont know if you (the blogger of this post) are on anymore, but I have some info that may or may not be of interest to you in terms of Larry Siegels current going-ons as of recently. Assuming you(or anyone else) understood the article you probably know what it might pertain to. Leave a comment and I'll come back.

  14. Yes, please email either Kurt Kalata at his HG101 email address:

    Or myself at:

    Just replace the [at] with the @ symbol.