Sunday, February 6, 2011

A few Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 MP3s

For some reason I'd thought the Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 soundtrack would be ripped by now, but I've been around the FF Shrine Forums all week and nothing's popped up. So, I decided to record a couple themes - namely, the first level song and the credits theme. I would've done more, but only my 360 is currently hooked up to my computer at the moment, and since I bought the PS3 version, this was all from the demo. It doesn't seem like there's an official soundtrack planned like there was for the first game, sadly enough. And yes, Simon Viklund, the composer from Rearmed returned to score this one, except the music is mostly all new. The credits theme is awesome - it rearranges the stage 1 song in several different styles, and it's over seven minutes long.

Level 1


Mediafire Download

Anyway, as it turns out the Joystiq review was hardly an aberration and a lot of the critics are pretty harsh on it. I'm still of the opinion that it's pretty damn good, but in the process of cutting all of the leftover cruft from the 8-bit original designs, they really didn't put anything else new and interesting in its place. Well, I guess the sniper rifles and helicopter segments, but those are kind of stupid. The biggest complaints (beyond the DRM crappiness) is that it removes the advanced enemy AI and enemy weapon stuff that was introduced in Rearmed, mostly on the higher difficulties...which I didn't care for much anyway, so hey. I actually saw one review called the enemies bullet sponges. Seriously? Have they never played a game from the 8-bit era? That's like calling Super Mario Bros stupid because those dumb mushroom things just walk forward waiting to be pounced. Anyway, it's always possible they can patch a harder mode in, though I actually thought the patch to the original Rearmed sorta screwed up the balance.


  1. I've frequently had disputes with the general scores reviewers tend to give games. It has always felt like game scores aren't always based on the quality of a game but are instead based on some abstract set of rules and biases that only game reviewers are in on. Its like some kind of conspiracy but instead of anything important its low grade journalists who couldn't write a logical argument to save their life.

  2. I just love the music of the Rearmed games, and i have been looking all over the net for the Rearmed 2 soundtrack. So thank you for recording these two tracks! Hope that someone will rip the complete soundtrack soon!

  3. The songs from the ending theme are actually from a contest that they had for people to remix the main theme. These are the two winning entries, the first by A_Rival, who if I'm not mistaken used to go by AE on OCRemix, and Tony Dickinson, aka Prince of Darkness, who submits quite often to the Dwelling of Duels contest.

    Relevant linkage:

  4. Most of BCR2's reviews were entirely unfair and horribly imbalanced. BCR2 was an excellent game; it's soundtrack is second to very few games.

    The mere fact that you can finish the game with or without jumping goes to show you how much attention went into basic gameplay mechanics.