Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday is now indies day! This week: Perspective

You might have seen that we've started a new column for short reviews of games from the independent scene called "500-Word Indies" a while ago. It was originally intended to have one new contribution for every main site update, but it turns out due to their short length and a number of contributors, these can be done much faster than the usual content. This means in times when real life makes the main site updates get more erratic, we end up with a huge backlog of stuff to post.

So from now on I'm switching to uploading a new review every Friday, at least for as long as a steady stream of new contributions keeps coming in. Please note that these won't appear on the main page until the next "proper" update, so if you want to read them as they come, either keep an eye out for the blog, or bookmark the new 500-Word Indies index page. Until further notice, new contend every Friday (or maybe Thursday evening or Saturday morning, depending on your time zone) almost guaranteed.

The newest addition this week is Perspective, a free experimental puzzle platformer by students at DigiPen.


  1. I know this is a bit late but you've kinda messed up those links.

  2. Looking forward to reading about new indies!

    Sorry to nitpick, but the links seem to be broken. I think you wanted to link to:

    Without the blog prefix on there.