Sunday, March 11, 2012

11 March - Jeremy Blaustein, iOS Shooters Pt1, Fortune Summoners, Silverload, Heart of Darkness, Game Club w/ Vagrant Story, Mr Pibb

Okay! Sorry, things have been super hectic lately, and I don't forsee them slowing down for at least another month or two, so please bear with us!

As a follow-up to last month's interview with Agness Kaku, we have another extensive interview with Jeremy Blaustein, the localiser of the original Metal Gear Solid, as well as Snatcher and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (the Cube of Zoe item was actually named after his daughter). Also up: Heart of Darkness, Eric Chahi's ill-fated follow up to Out of this World; Silverload, a first person horror/western-themed adventure game; and Fortune Summoners, the latest RPG doujin game from localizers Carpe Fulgur. We're also starting a new column revolving around shooters for the iOS. It's a massive undertaking, and this update is only the tip of the iceberg, featuring a few of Cave's arcade ports to the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad trio. (The Deathsmiles and Espgaluda articles have also been updated with stuff about the mobile games along with various other updates).

The fourth episode of Game Club 199X is also up. For February 2012, Snarboo, Sotenga and Zogbog chat a bit about Square's Vagrant Story, an incredibly atmospopheric and moody dungeon crawler with an elaborate series of statistics to keep track of and an advanced weapon crafting system to keep up with it. Do join us for this month's game, Sierra's King's Quest V. Your Weekly(ish) Kusoge is some FPS drek based on Mr. Pibb, and the Another Centrury's Episode article has been expanded to include the recent portable entry.

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  1. Completely agree with Blaustein's sentiments on Kojima and the fact that MGS should have had less dialogue, epic as it was it kind of kicked the "VIDEOGAMES CAN BE MOVIES TOO" thing into the next level of the stratosphere. Kudos to Mr. Blaustein for not being afraid to speak his mind, and thank you Sketcz for the awesome interview!