Monday, November 14, 2011

Update - 11/14 - Shinobi, Western VGM Poll

A quick update here: Shinobi for the 3DS is coming out in North America tomorrow, so we've updated our Shinobi article to not only include a review of the game, but also bolster the previous article, which was initially written five years ago. It's got substantially more screenshots now, especially in comparing the many variations of The Revenge of Shinobi, plus nicer PS2 screens and slightly extended write-ups.

Also, we're running another video game music voting poll, this time for Western video game music. Looking at the results of the Top 1000 VGM poll, there was a distinct lack of Western composed music, comprising only about 10% of the total songs. This doesn't mean that Western VGM is inferior, but just that it's not as widely known amongst VGM fans. This poll will try to fix that! The goal is to highlight some of the music that got passed over last time around - C64 stuff, Amiga music, adventure games, RTSs and RPGs, any number of awesome PC CD-ROM redbook tracks, recent games (indie or big-time) and so forth. The process is mostly the same as before, though we're limited the selection to 50 songs this time. You can check out the forum thread for voting rules and instructions. (You can also e-mail your vote if you don't want to sign up for the forums.) It's running until Friday, December 2nd, so sort through your music again and let's find some cool music to bring to the forefront!


  1. I don't have the time to pick out a top 50, but something I wanted to contribute to the last poll that I never got around to was trying to spread the word about the music in the little-known Q*Bert 3, for SNES, a Western-developed game. It's an excellent game, and it has REALLY REALLY GOOD MUSIC. It has a strong Sesame Street animated shorts vibe to it. It was done by Team Fat, which is usually a sign that the music is terrific.

  2. "The levels include an airport, a junkyard, GET MORE OF THESE"