Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Romance of the Forgotten Kingdom English Fan Translation

After one and-a-half years, I'm finally able to present my fan translation for the Korean DOS RPG Mangguk Jeon'gi (망국전기), or Romance of The Forgotten Kingdom by Mirinae Software. This is the first ever fully playable fan translation of a Korean RPG!

It's not quite a 100% complete patch, though. Some battle status displays I couldn't find the graphics for, and there are several other minor issues my hacking skills aren't sufficient to solve. Some skill and equipment names remain in Korean, too, because their function in the game remains unclear and a literal translation is impossible. This release should be regarded as a public beta version, although any future updates would have to rely on outside help. Regardless, the whole game can be completed in English without problems.

While Romance of the Forgotten Kingdom is a flawed game with lots of QA issues and the writing isn't that hot, either, the scenario is quite unique, it features two different paths and endings, and uses a (though unpolished) ATB variant for combat. For an RPG the game is rather short, and can easily be completed within about 10 hours.

It is extremely hard to get hold of the game legitimately, but neither publisher nor developer exist anymore, and the game's director Kim Kyongsoo doesn't mind you getting ahold of it through grey area channels. The game is quite easy to find through its Korean title (망국전기).

The Patch (complete with a translation of the original manual) is available here:


EDIT: Since some people are having problems installing the game in the first place, here's a manual:

1. Take the game install files and extract them to a folder that you mount it in DOSBox (can be a subfolder).

2. Switch to the folder in DOSBox and type INSTALL.

3. First the setup asks for the source folder, this should be correct by default, so just press enter.

4. The game automatically installs to C:\Mirinae\RPG\ (in the DOSBox file system). After installing, you can move the folder wherever you want.

5. During the install process, the game asks you several times to insert the next floppy. Since you're likely using the CD-ROM release, just press enter and it goes on.

6. Next up is sound configuration. Chose the first menu point, then the second (the one with the "100%" in the text).

7. The second through fourth menu points are the usual Sound Blaster setting. Set the adress to 220, IRQ to 7 and DMA to 1, then go back with the bottom choice.

8. Chose the second point, then once again the line with the "100%".

9. The third menu point saves the settings and quits.

10. Quit DOSBox and run the Romance_of_the_Forgotten_Kingdom_English_v09.exe

11. Just browse for the folder the game is installed in and click "Install".

12. Start DOSBox, go to the game directory and type PLAY.


  1. I can't find this game's ROM, can you help me?

  2. congratz on actually finishing a project. I have never been successful with that. :D

  3. you can't find the ROM it's a DOS game : )

    1. http://nemo838.tistory.com/2441

  4. I tried to find it in DOS-games archives too, just give me a link, please.

  5. The game's right in the first page of results. Search for 망국전기, just like the post above said. You will need to run DOSbox to install it and then to play it, probably.

  6. Finding download of the game isn't very hard, but getting it work is. Please write a 'what to do' for installing and patching the game. And thanks for translation :)

  7. While it might be a while until I have the time to really give it a shot, I wanted to give you some huge praise for this. Not only for finishing, but for the choice in projects. Korean games for dos aren't exactly something which has been heavily mined yet by the west! Getting a look at the product of a different culture, from a different time, sounds awesome.

  8. Added an install guide to the main post.

  9. Here is the package for D-Fend Reloaded, I have created. You can import it in D-fend Reloaded by Add>Import archive file. It contains game preinstalled (using above steps) and prepatched with translation. I hope I am not breaking too many laws :)


  10. Where to find the source of this game?

  11. http://nemo838.tistory.com/2441 <= DL Page.