Friday, September 2, 2011

Vote for the Best VGM Tracks!

Awhile back, I posted about 2ch's massive poll to vote on the best video game music of all time . I've always wanted to try something like this here, so here we go! The goal is to pick specific tracks from specific games, rather than games themselves. Then we tally them all up. There are thousands upon thousands of tracks of fantastic music so who knows how this will all work out, but it's worth a shot.

I'm not sure how many songs total to include in the list, but the goal is to have as many as possible. The overall idea, despite what the title says, is not to determine the "best" video game tracks, but rather, give a wide range of tracks so people with interest in VGM will find something new and cool to listen to, as voted on by people who are willing to take the time to think about these sort of things.

Here is how the tallying works. You can pick up to 100 songs. You can pick less (just one, even), but no more. You must separate your Top 5 from the rest of the list. Tracks in the Top 5 will get 3 points. The rest will get 1 point each. I had originally deliminated them further, but upon trying to assign a value to the tracks I picked, I realized that was too overcomplicated.

The answers will need be posted in the HG101 forums, in this thread. This poll will be live until Friday, September 30th, 11:59 PM EST. You can edit your post as many as times as you want if you change your mind, but once it hits midnight, those will be your final choices. You do need to register to vote, but if you're not a regular, please don't feel obligated to hang around or anything. The more people, the better!


  1. Up to 100 songs per person?

    Crikey, that is going to require a lot of work to edit down.

    Sounds like fun though!

  2. It kinda seems like you just said "choose 100" instead of "choose 5" because everyone freaks out at those threads and you get a lot of "it's a tie between x & y" and "I can't choose". So I guess you're doing this to cut down on nonsense posts like that and just a have a legit top 5 VGM thread?

    Here's the thing though, I really can't do this. I mean my top 5 would be from the SNES, I know that much , but even then it's so hard to do, even with 100. Video game music rules.

  3. Discoalucard, was there ever a final summation of the results, or does the forum thread stand as it is? Did anyone make a playlist of the results?