Thursday, December 23, 2010

WAHP 13 - podcast dedicated to Japanese games

The latest episode of Warning! A Huge Podcast. More details after the jump!

As always it continues to gain EXP, improving with each episode - especially with the recent level-up which yielded a new official website. This episode had an excellent 2-sided 3-way debate regarding Tokyo's new laws on anime/manga and how they might affect games, with each speaker making some good points. They also mention HG101, specifically our Japanese PC and Kenji Eno articles.

The only small criticism I have for WAHP is that there were lots of comments saying "we could dedicate a whole show to that subject". Enough procrastinating gentlemen. You have the knowledge and an audience, it should (in theory) be easy.

This is probably my last entry until new year. Enjoy the holidays everyone!

Stage 013
Main Topic: Tokyo Hates Lolis

Now Playing: Tales of Graces f, Danganronpa, Persona 3 Portable
Subtopics: We reminisce about the WAHP Live Event, NIS + Imageepoch sittin` in a tree, Inafune trades one Com for another, USA no longer scared of Japan`s post office, fat & pink Cave shooter goodness will grace Westerners, Final Fantasy XIV got 99 problems but a monthly fee ain`t one, Capcom tricks ghosts into coming to Apple`s iDevices, Ninokuni is a level five bomb, Bandai Namco rethinks game development in the West, Yoshiki Okamto now lives in a van by the river, Final Fantasy IV being remade… again…, we talk tall Tales (of Xillia) and in Binary (Domain), PC Engine and NeoGeo live again, we display Evangelion ona-holes on our bookshelves, Coming Next, Comment of You, and oh… this is final episode of WAHP. Well, of 2010, that is.

So You Don`t Miss It:

Coming Next Japan Game Mentions

Umineko no naku koro ni ~ Majo to Suiri no Rondo, Castlevania Lord of Shadow, Gundam Musou 3, Shining Hearts, Inazuma Eleven 3 Sekai he no Chousen!! The Ogre, Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International, The Third Birthday, Dennousenki Virtual On Force, Momchan Diet Wii Figurobics by Jeon Da-Yeon, Milestone Shooting Collection 2, Saga 3 Jikuu no Hasha Shadow of Light

Other Game Mentions

Star Ocean, 999, Catherine, Tactics Ogre: Wheel of Fortune, Solatorobo, Persona 4, Deathsmiles, Final Fantasy XI, Phoenix Wright, Enslaved, Clash of the Titans, Splatterhouse, Knights Contract, Genji, Folksouls, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, iDOLM@STER, Ryu ga Gotoku


  1. The criticism about our "we'll cover that later!"-ness is indeed warranted, and was something I was thinking about myself when preparing the letters section. I think it just ends up being more of a case that we have so much to talk about for any one show that we don't have time to get to everything we want to do - and, unfortunately, it's easier to cover topics which don't have a shelf life than it is to cut news which does.

    Know for sure that I'm well aware of this issue, however, and hopefully we can work out better planning for our shows so that we start getting to some of the things we keep promising to cover at some point.

  2. is it possible to have these in a written form? i don't like listening to podcast but i would enjoy it if i could read it....

  3. If somebody would be crazy enough to transcribe 3+ hours of discussion, I would certainly support such a person. While also finding them to be utterly mad.

  4. I too love the commentary in these podcasts, but listening is very difficult for me. I am hard of hearing. If ever there were to be written transcripts of these releases I would be very grateful. But then again, that would be a lot of extra work.

  5. I was the one who wrote in about DebuPlus. The Japanese certainly do love their strange hentai fetish games.