Friday, August 13, 2010

Recettear release date and price announced

Carpe Fulgar has just announced that it’s made a deal with Stardock for the release of Recettear, thanks in part to everyone’s positive reaction, and they’ve also announced a price and tentative release date. September 10th!
US: $20
UK: £13
EU: €15

This puts it on par with higher end PSN releases and, while I’ll reserve judgement for when I’ve played the full version, the only thing I’m as equally excited for right now is Valkyria Chronicles 2 which is getting released in the next couple of weeks. So, yes, very much looking forward to Recettear.


  1. Hooray Recettear! I'd been losing hope about hearing a release date before I forgot about it.

  2. The demo sold me on this, £13 aint too bad.

  3. Yayifications!

    I look very much forward to it!

  4. Isn't Stardock the thing that renders your computer useless if it detects a copy of NERO or something?

  5. No, that's Starforce, the Russian DRM thing. Carpe Fulgar has stated they don't intend to use any kind of DRM in the game.

    Taken from Stardock's website:
    Stardock is a PC software company specializing in Windows experience software and PC games.

    So it's like a distributor.

  6. There's a Steam version coming out, too. Infinite redownloads, whee!

  7. Capitalism, ho!!
    Pre-ordered in steam!