Friday, August 13, 2010

Warning a Huge Podcast – Stage 007

It’s been a while, and there was some concern on my part that those involved had lost interest, but I’m pleased to see that WAHP is back!

Stage 007 clocks in at just over 2 hours, and apart from Casey Loe saying that the story in Valkyria Chronicles sucked (02:04:00), it’s a great listen. Actually, what’s annoying is not that Casey criticised it, rather he didn’t explain why – and seeing as I’ve seldom had the good fortune to play a videogame with as good or better a story than Valkyria Chronicles (which I thought in the context of gaming was perfect), I’d really like to know his reasons why he didn't like it, and get some recommendations for better storied games.

WARNING! A Huge Podcast is Approaching Fast!

A podcast covering the world of Japanese gaming, brought to you by ex-GameFan and ex-Play stars shidoshi, Casey Loe, and Nick Rox.

//Stage 007

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//Subtopics: Capcom don’t waste no money, NIS and Image Epoch want you to punish girls, US retailers shy away from them “anime games”, Japanese Fallout 3 ad pokes fun at JRPGs, NIS cancels games, death watch: Flight Plan + Gaia + Dimple, Monolith campaigns against negative campaigns, Twitter Watch, Japanese sales, upcoming releases, and no, we aren’t dead. Honest.


  1. hey sketcz this is unrelated but I dunno how else to contact you. Have you seen the article where real Yakuza members review the Japanese version of Yakuza 3? It's pretty cool, figured it might be up your alley:

    btw I dunno if you keep up with the members of the WAHP podcast, but shidoshi is transitioning into a woman, so he's kinda got a busy life right now (he was posting on some forum, he even mentions it in his Twitter). That might explain the long update drought.

  2. and btw you didn't even link to podcast in question:

    Not everyone has it bookmarked. :3

  3. Monday 8/16 @ 8:20am PST
    I hope all is well. I too am very pleased to see W.A.H.P. back! Also, I meant to give a "thank you" to the creator of this site for posting a recent comment I (Anthony) left in correlation to the podcast I partake in -- ++Good Games. I just put up a new episode today where an interview takes place w/ XSEED for Y's 7 and Ivy The Kiwi. Also, on the cast I also plug W.A.H.P. when I can.

  4. Monday - 8/16/2010 @ 9:40am PST

    Hello again. It's me, "Anthony" once again. I wanted to "thank you" [again] for such prompt work in posting that comment of mine w/ the ++ Good Games link. I [in turn] put a link in the sidebar of my website for Hardcore Gaming 101; at Also, I intend to put another 'plug' for this website on 'my' site soon (and I'll even try to plug this site on an upcoming podcast). I don't know your name though or background (you used to work in the industry or for a print publication?) Thanks-

  5. @Zack
    Really? Wow, I'm not surprised they've been too busy to a podcast then. But isn't Shidoshi married? Well, regardless, goodluck with whatever ventures the team are planning.

    That Yakuza thing is incredible. Now that's real investigative journalism. Actually getting a portrayed demographic to play a game and comment on its authenticity. Incredible.

    Glad you like the coverage - though comments go up automatically. I'm not head of the site, that's Discoalucard. I just contribute. This blog is actually the offshoot of the main website:

    There's an email on there if you want to contact the boss regarding affiliation.

  6. Er, if I can just clarify something here... I am not, as of this moment, transitioning into a woman. *laughs* I AM dealing with a whole lot of personal issues in regard to that particular topic, but about the only thing different about me now versus a year ago is that my hair is longer.

    My lack of free time lately was, as I said on the show, directly caused by the move I just got done doing. With Nick and Casey having only specific windows of time in which they could do the podcast due to their recent goings-on, those times just didn't match up to what I had free while I was getting packed and relocated.

  7. Do you know of any good Japanese language podcasts about gaming?