Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old Korean Gaming Mags (part 2)

The next two are still not exclusively game magazines, in fact one of them, PC World, was even less of a gaming mag than Computer Study / MyCom.

But let's first have a look at "Meet the MSX". It was relatively short lived, I think published only from early '88 until late '89. It was sponsored by Zemina, and thus had a stronger focus on games than any other magazine at that time. It even featured the games on the cover, as seen above.

It featured strategy helps in form of cartoons.

Here's how they envisioned the wrestling game of the future:

It reported a lot of news from Japan, here the model for Pony Canyon's Star Virgin is introduced:

PC World was published from 1990 to 1997. I use it mainly to fill in the blanks for early PC games (if you read my first post, you might remember that I'm missing access to GameCom from 1992 to late 1993). There I find stuff on games like the following two from 1993, Who both might or might not be represented on the web with screenshots for the first time ever.

Weonsi Sonyeon Tosi (Prehistoric Youngster Toshi). Based on a comic series.

Boksu Mujeong (could be translated as "Cold Blooded Vengeance"). It is described (very briefly) to be similar in style to Prince of Persia by someone who once worked at the company that made the game.

Here's another interesting picture from a computer fair in '92 (KIECO)

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