Sunday, November 22, 2009

Update - 11/22 - Monkey Island, The Longest Journey, Heart of China, Rise of the Dragon, The Incredible Machine, Uru and Syndicate

The Monkey Island series is probably the least deserving of any adventure games featured on this site, if only because there are legions of excellent fan sites and wikis already in place. Still, like many, it was my introduction to the genre, so I took the past few months to play through them due to the release of Telltale's new series. Other adventure game articles include The Longest Journey, which also contains its sequel, Dreamfall, and two Dynamix adventures: Heart of China, a vaguely silly pulp adventure with digitized actors, and Rise of the Dragon, a much gritter, cyberpunk tale. Also up are looks at The Incredible Machine, Dynamix's series of puzzlers; Uru, the online Myst game, and Bullfrog's
Syndicate, a dark sim/real time strategy/action game featuring cyborgs and incredible amounts of wanton destruction.

Also, I'm getting rid of the main RSS feed, in favor of unifying it with the blog's feed. The blog will also be updated when the main site is updated so you can keep up with the article postings.


  1. The image links of the Voodoo Lady and Murray from the 'Tales' games on the first page are dead. Also, most 'Curse' pictures are captioned 'Curse from Monkey Island'. But great article otherwise!

  2. I guess there's not much to say about Monkey Island at this point, as the article states, but it's great to see some semblance of a guide to The Incredible Machine on the internet (and their confusing versions). Hell I am an Incredible Machine fan but I had no idea that Incredible Toon Machine was remade with Ghosts 'n Goblins characters.

    The Dynamix adventure articles are very nice as well, covering ground on the games that also does not have much said about them.

  3. Page 5, Fourth Paragraph, third sentence -

    Shouldn't it be "look worked?"