Friday, November 13, 2009

Now that Windows 7 is what Vista should've been...

... they really need to resolve this once and for all:

Seriously. It shouldn't come down to doing something like this just for the operating system to recognize the stick inputs as actual directions instead of Point of View toggles since almost every single game on Windows always assume that people won't be using POV hats to move around in it. Don't tell me I have to BUY a PS3 one which I've heard is ironically easier to set up on Microsoft's operating system.

It took me a couple of repeats of listening to popcorn☆magic in order to not throw my stick against the monitor.


  1. Ah, nothing like wrangling a controller in Windows. It's depressing that after all this time there still isn't a better way to get just them to WORK. Plug and play my ass.

  2. What is Windows 7's compatibility rate for programs which worked in XP? Also, can I make W7 look like XP? Vista forced me to use giant icons and had the info bar at the bottom of each windows. The whole thing looked so bloody awful and impossible to make like XP, that I uninstalled it and went back to XP.

    So, tell me about W7.

  3. Most of the software I've used so far my 64-bit copy has been working as it should be in Vista and XP (although it was a real pain to find drivers for my system for the latter). Good rule of thumb to determine whether or not it'll work correctly in Windows 7 is to see who developed the software. If it's from a big company (like Blizzard Entertainment or Adobe, for example), then it'll work fine. If not, keep your fingers crossed.

    If you have a Professional version or higher of Windows 7 (essentially anything that doesn't have the label "Home" on it) you can choose to download install Virtual Machine which starts up an emulator that runs a 32-bit version of Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 if a specific application doesn't work for it. Don't think it'll let you run games though; since this version of Windows XP runs on top of Windows 7, it won't recognize the actual video card the PC is using to output to the monitor and instead fabricates some generic video card that can't display the "desktop" at anything higher than 16-bit.

    Other than this little problem (which is inevitable, as new operating systems are essentially like buying new gaming systems), I like the interface of Windows 7 and is well worth it over Vista. And XP, if your system was made sometime after 2007.

    As for the icons, you can resize the them on the desktop by right-cliking somewhere in the empty space: . If you want to do that in Windows Explorer, there's a little icon that does that at the upper-right corner of the window. The settings toolbar for Windows Explorer is actually hidden in Windows 7 and you need to use the Alt+letter shortcuts in order to reveal them (ie-Alt+F for the File menu).

    The status bar is actually disabled by default on Windows Explorer, so are you referring to the information bar it displays of whatever's currently selected on the bottom of each window? I don't think there's a way to revert that back to the Windows XP style. I actually like it.

  4. Seems like someone wants to try out the nudie skin hacks in SFIV PC... :3

  5. The PC port of SFIV can register POV hats as directional movements, so I didn't make this blog post for that reason. =/