Monday, July 15, 2013

Y'all know Retronauts is back, right?

I would have posted this when the first episode went up, but life kinda decided to strike me to the ground, then proceeded kicking my stomach whenever I tried to get up. (Even though that description is somewhat overly pathos-filled, that was also the reason why all the more or less regular columns I'm in charge of went on quiet hiatus.)

Anyway, here's a reminder that the new, independent Retronauts has started two weeks ago. The first episode was a look 20 years back at the summer of 1983, which saw the release of three important gaming platforms in Japan. Every other week there's a "Retronauts Pocket" mini-episode, which was started rather bravely with a topic that's only tangentially related to video games (prog rock).

Today the second "full" episode went online, in which the Retronauts-Mainstays Bob Mackey, Jeremy Parish and Ray Barnholt, along with special guest Kat Bailey talk for 90 minutes about the Wario Land series. The formula of the podcast hasn't changed that much (aside from the mini-episodes), so if you enjoyed listening in the past, you'll feel right at home here. So check it out if you somehow missed it thus far!

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