Friday, July 26, 2013

GC9X Dispatch - Episode 20 Did Actually Happen

Sorry about the delay, everyone. I can't believe we've done twenty of these.

This podcast features a mid-90s DOS game, plus regular guest-hosts Eksfaktr and Wildweasel. So you know there's gonna be a lot of interesting technical facts. Use them to amaze your friends and humble your enemies!

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Everyone else, click here. And download it through your browser like the toothless hillbilly you are.

Also, did you know HG101 has non-GC9X podcasts? It's true! They're being remastered by our crack team of sound engineers as I write. (This means somebody is making them painfully loud.)

1 comment:

  1. This month's podcast features the most extensive discussion on "bad ends" or overly-depressing game over sequences (which were incredibly popular during the 1990's) you could ever hope for, ever.