Tuesday, July 30, 2013

GC9X needs your feedback!

Do you have anything to say about GC9X, good, bad or neutral? Are you a capable audio engineer that would like to help us produce future podcasts? If so, please post in this thread on the official HG101 forums! GC9X is fast approaching the two year mark, so we'd like to know what our audience thinks of the podcast as a whole, specifically what you want to see from GC9X in the future.

We have a lot more in store for you before the summer is over, so stay tuned for future updates.


  1. Make videos instead of podcasts!

    1. That's a good point. We've got a few "longplays" or Livecasts that are up on iTunes - is that something you'd be interested in seeing more of?

      I'd suggest maybe putting these up on YouTube as well, but it might be a pain to watch them (I'm not sure if any of us has a Director's account - I don't).