Sunday, February 24, 2013

Update 2/24 - Bonanza Bros, KickMaster, Jones in the Fast Lane, Crimson Shrod, I, Robot, Again, Hyrule Historia

Bonanza Bros. is an early 90s Sega co-op game ALMOST made it in the first volume of the Sega Arcade Classics book...but I had to cut it for space. It'll be in the next one though (which should be done...sometime this year I hope). I have to admit that I put other games that I favored like Crack Down, because I initially I didn't much care for Bonanza Bros. But like Quartet, Crack Down and Gain Ground, it's more fun in two player than single player mode.

Also up: Crimson Shroud, the very old school-type 3DS RPG designed by Yasumi Matsuno (Ogre Battle, Vagrant Story, FF Tactics), which was released as a part of the Guild 01 project and separated as its own digital release recently on the Nintendo eShop; KickMaster, a late-gen NES game designed by KID, the same folks as the G.I. Joe NES games, as well as Low-G-Man; Jones in the Fast Lane, a Sierra-developed board game similar to The Game of Life; I, Robot, the first game to used shaded polygons, released in 1983 and still looks spectacular today, especially compared to its contemporaries; and Again, a DS adventure game from Cing (Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk), their last game before unfortunately going bankrupt.

On the book review front, we take a look at Hyrule Historia, the fancy but slightly disappointing Legend of Zelda art book; the iOS shooter article includes Seawolf Attack, Neon Wars (pictured), Falcon Raider, Apache Overkill, and Room War Deluxe; and we have a new feature called 500 Word Indies, were we spend 500 words to take a quick look at some of the more interesting games to come out of the independent scene. Your Weekly Kusoge is Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen, one of the many low-tier anime licensed Famicom titles.

And regrettably, last week, famed game developer Kenji Eno passed away at the young age of 42. About two years ago, we featured an article on games from his company, Warp, which include the relatively well-known D games, as well as the Saturn cult classic Enemy Zero. We're featuring this article is his memory, for he created some truly unique and unusual games.


  1. Thank you for the spotlight on Warp. Kenji Eno passing away truly saddens me -- D2 is my favorite video game of all time.

    -adam cooley

  2. serious questions, guys.. when are you going to cover the psx game fluid aka depth? this game seriously is mindblowing...

    1. Not familiar with it, but I'll check it out!

    2. Oh, I think you'd love it! It's truly one of a kind. It's a music creation game where you swim as a dolphin in the ocean and whatever you do while swimming effects the music. So it's sorta like REZ in a way -- way before REZ -- meets MTV Music Creator, or something.

      I just figured I'd mention it since you guys have turned me on to so many great psx games.. lsd, Slap Happy Rhythm Busters, and ESPECIALLY Internal Section (one of my favorite games of all time).