Saturday, August 25, 2012

The kickstarters keep coming - Project Giana

Now the Great Giana Sisters, one of Europe's most well-remembered Commodore C64 games, is scheduled for a reboot, too. If you're looking for an old-fashioned, cutesy platformer, without all that ultra-hard-one-hit-kill-and-a-thousand-spikes-instant respawn nonsense, this could become the game for you.

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter fundraiser has only six days left, and still needs to raise a third of its most basic funding. It would be a true shame if this game somehow wouldn't get made. The original programmer of the C64 game is involved with the project, and it uses music by Chris Huelsbeck and Machinae Supremacy, to support an interesting dream/nightmare dual world. Other than most kickstarters, the developer even has a working demo to show.

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  1. If this postmortem of Republique's kickstarter( has something to say about this, the Giana kickstarter is doing it all wrong by showing off too much polish. Consequentially, people are probably accusing the developer that it already has a good enough budget -- which can't really be true.