Monday, April 16, 2012

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology By Chris Hülsbeck Kickstarter

For many of us, our childhood memories are set to the music of Chris Hülsbeck, the legendary German video game composer who in his early 20's became revered for his futuristic and melodic soundtracks. Hülsbeck was not only one of the most respected game composers over the course if the next decades, he became an icon and inspiration for young musicians all over the world, wanting to bring texture and life to the sounds of video games. Over the many years he has been active, Hülsbeck composed for games such as Turrican, Great Giana Sisters and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. He has sold out albums, and he has sold out venues, having been honored with symphonic tribute shows in Sweden and Germany with fans gathering around the world.

Now, Hülsbeck is preparing for one of his lifelong dreams, to compile and arrange the music from the Turrican series to bring it to its fullest potential, and in order to make this a reality, he is asking his fans for support. With the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology, the grand music from the legendary Turrican series will be arranged in his studio, and the award winning WDR Radio Orchestra, who performed the Symphonic Shades and Symphonic Fantasies albums, will be brought in to tell all sides to the story of the silver armored hero's journey on the alien planet.

"My first Turrican album has sold roughly 10.000 units over the years. I know that the games still have a following, too. This project is a personal dream of mine and I hope that together with all the fans, we can make this happen!” -Chris Hülsbeck"

By pledging $25.00 you get the whole album on MP3 + a PDF booklet, while $50.00 gets you a limited edition numbered and signed 3 CD set. + the MP3′s before the album is printed. Aside from the finished CDs, supporters of the project can get their hands on numerous goodies like posters, t-shirts, Turrican ringtones for their mobiles, or even tickets for an orchestral game music concert that will take place in November in Cologne, Germany. Those who are willing to support the project with a larger sum may take an exclusive look behind the scenes and will be personally informed by Chris about the progress during the production. With the orchestra, studio production, premium booklet and packaging prints, the goal is $75,000, and w run until June 3rd.

We here at Hardcore Gaming 101 love Chris Hülsbeck, and we have highlighted some of the games he has worked on in the past, some of which he has graciously provided insight into the creation of, such as Jim Power and Turrican.

Pledge your support at the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Kickstarter!

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