Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/9 Update - Luciennes Quest, The Crystal of Kings, Net Guardian, Critical Path, Game Club Ep 5: Kings Quest V

Just a small update this week, since many will be at PAX East, but well balanced between RPGs, brawlers and shmups. We’'ve got a look at Lucienne’s Quest, one of the few Japanese RPGs to be released in English for the 3DO, then later ported to the Sega Saturn. It’'s really simple, but that'’s part of the charm. For fighting fans there’s The Crystal of Kings, a super rare arcade game for an obscure hardware board. It uses CG rendered graphics to surprisingly good effect. Our shmup quotient is Net Guardian, a fun vertical shooter for the PC98, set inside your computer and a pseudo-internet. Despite this there'’s no adult material, so it’'s totally safe for work.

The week's’ regulars include more shmup coverage with our ever expanding database of iOS Shooters, this week looking at Sky Force, Sky Force Reloaded, Roswell Fighter, and Hotfield. Following on from last week'’s Richard Ham interview there’s more Metal Gear/Syphon Filter coverage, as we chat with Scott Youngblood of later releases. Also, standard Your Weekly Kusoge coverage resumes with a look at Critical Path, possibly the worst designed FMV game we’ve seen – which is really saying something.

Finally, there's also Episode 5 of Game Club 199X. For April 2012, Snarboo, Sotenga and Bobinator, along with Xerxes and Discoalucard, chat a bit about King's Quest V: The Heart Grows Yonder, available for Amiga, DOS and NES. It was one of the best selling DOS games of the time and won several awards. It also features some rather obtuse puzzles! Also, join us this month for our playthrough of Landstalker on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. It's a rather excellent isometric platformer/JRPG from Climax, which at one point was planned to be updated for PSP.

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