Saturday, April 21, 2012

21 April - Rayxanber, Dream Master, Go! Go! Kokopolo, David Hayter, Vanslug, iOS Shooters

A little late, but we've got this week's update!

The big feature this week is a look at the Rayxanber trilogy of hori-shmups. Made the by the defunct developer DataWest, the first two were awful while the third was quite excellent. Next we have some JRPG lite coverage with Dream Master on the Famicom – not to be confused with Little Nemo: Dream Master on the NES. It’s really cool and there’s a fan-translation available. Proving that we also don’t just cover classic games, there’s an exuberant examination of Go! Go! Kokopolo - Harmonious Forest Revenge, for the DSi/3DS download services. It’s a rambunctious little arcade-style game which channels a lot of classics you’ll probably recognise.

For our regular slots we have further shmup coverage for the iOS, with part 6 of our epic rundown. This it’s Hypership Out of Control, Shooting Game KARI, iStriker: Rescue & Combat, plus Boss Battles. For our Metal Gear fans there’s also a candid interview with David Hayter, the iconic voice of the English Solid Snake. This interview was conducted privately via his agent, without any input from either Konami or Sony, so what you’ve got is raw and uncut - with some fantastic anecdotes (there's a reason the guy writes film scripts - he's funny!). Your Weekly Kusoge is Vanslug, which keen-eyed readers may recognise from our Korean coverage. But a game this bad, on so many levels, deserved a second look. The spotlight article for the week is Exile, which has been overhauled in the new site style, has updated links, and we've finally solved the problem of where the alembic was in the PC88 release. It's also a really great series if you like action RPGs.


  1. no mention of Kokopolo's developement blog from british games magazene Ngamer (now nintendo gamer)?

    silly billy. i still love you anyway :D

  2. Ah, good old NGamer, I used to really, really enjoy reading them (I stopped since I no longer own any Nintendo hardware).

    Was this blog online, or only in print? Got any links? I'll add them to the article.

  3. wasn't so much a blog but a reoccuring article series (deveopler dairy?). i think there was maybe 3 or 4. not sure if they added it to their site (i'm not sure they ever added anything to their site). a quick googling says issue 29 of ngamer featured stuff from Keith Webb (concept artist). sorry if this is't usefull, if there was a good archive of more current game magazenes i'd rummage though it.

    Maybe a quick email to Nintendo Gamer (as they're called now) may weild results?
    sorry for my crap typing :)

  4. oh wait, me again, update on the ngamer thing.
    issue 29 (december 2008, page 88/89) does indeed have a developer diary from Keith Webb, this is the 1st one of a few that appeared for a few issues.
    2nd article was issue 30, then 32 & 33. They went quiet on this front for a while but did return several issues later (i can't find when).
    Sorry if this isn't very helpfull.
    I knew this big pile of old mags would be useful one day. Wanna buy them? lol!