Sunday, May 17, 2015

A friendly reminder of the ways you can support Hardcore Gaming 101

According to our randomizer feed for the front page, there are now more than 1200 articles on Hardcore Gaming 101, including book reviews, Weekly Kusoge, 500-word indies and more! If you ever wished you could pay someone for all that content, the good news is you can! Patreon and our most generous readers have already enabled us to post about 20 articles on average each month over the past ten months. Besides many one-shot looks at classic and indie games, we've had massive serialized retrospectives about the Wizardry and Mega Man series and fun features like an enumeration of the video game heroines of the 1980s, which is right now being followed by a thorough history of arcades and arcade machines within video games.

We've also published three more books within the past year alone, comprehensive volumes on the Castlevania series and Konami's entire shoot-em-up output over the decades, as well as a special of assorted contents for the holidays. Patreon backers can receive all our ebooks (or even hard copies of future books, depending on the funding level) for free. More books are always in the making!

The great thing with Patreon is that it allows us to react flexibly to our funding level. The more funding we get, the more content we can publish the next month. And there is no shortage of content in sight: For the time being, we even had to temporarily suspend external submissions in order to be able to reduce our posting backlog and keep the waiting time for each individual submission in check, so every contribution helps in getting out more articles.

So, if you've got a few bucks to spare each month and think our content is worth your money, head over to our Patreon page!

If direct financial support is not an option for one reason or another, there are other ways you can help us out. Please consider clicking on an ad or two. When you go to eBay, Amazon, PlayAsia or through our links, anything you buy still gives us a tiny cut even if it's not anything that's recommended in the links themselves. Also follow us on the social media of your choice - we just recently added Tumblr to our list of outlets, but there's also Facebook, Twitter and our Steam community group - and share, mention, reblog, retweet or forward whenever you see something you like.

Also shoot us comments about what types of content you'd like to see more of, or what additional site features could make your stay more pleasant. Did you know that as of recently, you can easily browse covered games by company, genre or themes, with a screenshot of each entry as a preview? We're on a neverending quest to try and improve the site and its content, so your feedback is always welcome.


  1. I want an in-depth, 18 part series covering the best racks in gaming history.

  2. Currently on a money crunch (as in, not even buying any games), but have whitelisted HG101 on adblock and will continue to leave it whitelisted unless the ads start trying to sell, like, porn or something. I probably can't buy what they're selling anyway.

  3. Any link in hg101 (for instance, the link for hg101's gog mix) for eBay, Amazon, PlayAsia or gives a cut?