Saturday, January 10, 2015

HG101 Sega Classics book part of the latest Storybundle!

Yesterday the Video Game Storybundle 5.0 went live, featuring several video game related books! If you pay at the $12+ tier, you get a copy of HG101 Presents: Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 1, in both PDF and a newly created Kindle format. It also includes a bunch of other great stuff - I've been wanting to read some of the Boss Fight Books series for awhile, which are extremely detailed essays on a particular game, as well as Leigh Alexander's title - plus I have the original issuance of the I Am 8bit art book and it's pretty fun!

Additionally, since I needed to create a new digital version of the Sega Arcade Classics book, I decided to do a small revision to add a few new things. I'd originally intended to do these later in the year after all of the 3DS ports had been released in America, but did them now since Storybundle requested the book's inclusion. They aren't major addition, and the page count hasn't changed, but these include:

-An updated format (for the PDF) which includes the same headers and page numbers as the Castlevania book, so it looks a little nicer
-Updated text to include the 3DS ports of all of the featured games, since only Space Harrier had been released at the time the book was originally published (December 2012)
-Since there were some changes to text spacing, some of the articles are slightly expanded with extra details or pictures

For right now this revised version is only available digitally as part of this bundle. It will be issued in physical form shortly, but I'm still waiting on the proof from the printer to ensure that everything looks good.


  1. This may seem like a strange complaint, but each page of your book (as PDF) has a graphical colored background. This makes the book hard to read on a tablet, because a PDF reader could crop out a white margin automatically (thus enlarging the rest of the page and making it more readable). It cannot automatically crop out a graphical background.