Monday, June 2, 2014

GC9X Post Mortem: Reevaluating games so you don't have to!

As part of HG101's ever expanding efforts to document classic games, GC9X hosts Snarboo and KaL present the GC9X Post Mortem!

What is the Post Mortem exactly? Think of it as a video companion to the podcasts! For each Post Mortem, we play through a specific game, summarize its strengths and weaknesses, then score it twice: once from a modern perspective, and then again from a more contemporary viewpoint.

Our ultimate goal then is to review each game as fairly as possible, trying to take into account when a game was released in addition to any other factors, such as overall quality. Videos are generally released every few weeks, so be sure to check in frequently for new updates!

The latest Post Mortem covers Sega's unusual slime themed action game The Ooze:

All current and future episode of the Post Mortem can be watched here!

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  1. My favorite GC9X PostMortem has to be the Bubsy one, by far. I love this series and always look forward to a new entry.