Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A new Kenji Eno game

Last year I had the good fortune to interview Katsutoshi Eguchi, friend and colleague of the late Kenji Eno. Along with other colleagues, they're planning to create a game (in fact, several games) based on the ideas of Mr Eno which were never fulfilled. They're using Japanese crowd-funding platform Motion-Gallery, and in a few days have nearly reached the halfway point. A detailed explanation of the game in English is HERE. If you want to support the project, HERE are step-by-step instructions, in English, for navigating the Japanese menus. Even if you don't back the project, I think it's worth spreading the word and talking about this. It's a significant event in games history. Films and books have been published after the creator had passed away - but I personally cannot think of an example in videogames. Furthermore, Mr Eno himself is legendary for his maverick ideas. This is the same developer who created a purely audio-only game, Real Sound, which could be enjoyed by blind people. Meanwhile his trilogy of horror games are cult classics - if you've never played D, Enemy Zero, or D2, it's worth reading HG101's article on them. Personally I'm excited about KAKEXUN, not only because of this game, but what it means as a precedent. As Mr Eguchi explained, there were many ideas which Mr Eno had documented in great detail but never made use of.

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  1. Kneji Eno can make games from beyond the grave! Had no idea about this until now. Looking forward to an awesome new game.