Monday, December 3, 2012

Update 12/3 - Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 1 now available! Also, Bad Dudes, Ninja Princess, Little Big Adventure and Final Fight

HG101 Presents: Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 1 is now available for purchase! You can purchase color and black & white copies from Amazon, for $9.99 and $25 respectively, or download a PDF copy for $4.99. More details can be found at the link, but we've spent the past several months hard at work on this, and I think it turned out quite excellent! It covers a good chunk of long time Sega favorites like Shinobi, Alex Kidd, Space Harrier and After Burner, and the design is patterned after 90s-era video game magazines, at least inasmuch as it's filled with as many images as possible. I think you all will enjoy it!

We've still got a regular update to go along with the book announcement. Ninja Princess is an early Sega title that technically would quality as a "run-and-gun" in the spirit of Commando, except it takes place in feudal Japan, so there's more shurikens and magic than anything. Most gamers probably know it through its sorta sequel The Ninja for the SMS, which regretfully replaced the female protagonist with a generic dude. This article is not featured in the current volume, but we're planning a second volume that focuses on some of the lesser known Sega games, so please support the first volume so this can come to fruition!

In a more typically manly fashion, we also have a review of Bad Dudes and its pseudo-sequel Two Crude Dudes, the famously super American beat-em-up where you beat up ninjas, rescue President Ronnie, and then go out for cheeseburgers. And on the computer side is a look at Little Big Adventure, also known as Relentless to American gamers, a duo of French developed action-adventure games with quite a bit of imaginative charm.

The spotlight article is an overhaul of the Final Fight article, which was initially one of the first articles for the site back in 2004 and was long in need of an overhaul. And Your Weekly Kusoge is the frightening Pogo Bunny, featuring the most unintentionally tragic heroes in video gaming.


  1. May I suggest something?

    I'm a long time fan of both Sega and HG101, so I'm obviously excited about this book. However it would be great if you guys could post a few pages (five or six would be enough) in a higher resolution, so we could get a closer look at what we are buying. I guess most articles are at least two pages long, so it wouldn't hurt sales to share, say, a single page from the space harrier article.

    It would also be nice if you could go through the book on a YouTube video. The colors are probably beautiful, and a video would highlight this aspect of the book.


  2. I can definitely post up a PDF later today of a few sample pages, so you can more closely examine in.

    All I have for video is an iPod Touch, but that should technically work, I think!

  3. will it be on ?

  4. Amazon says out of print on the color edition. Am I to late?

  5. ...and bought! Thanks for the update!