Monday, September 24, 2012

The Making of Immercenary (3DO)

Recently Gamasutra published an article of mine charting the development of 3DO FPS Immercenary (the one where you're trapped in a faux-MMO environment). It includes photography from those who worked on it, and is worth checking out. Certainly I'm extremely proud to be the first person ever to interview those behind it. This was when the FPS genre was still in a nascent stage, and while it ultimately went in a different direction, I find this evolutionary cul-de-sac rather fascinating. I also have some left over screens, so perhaps I should write a second article for HG101? I've always thought it a shame there's so little coverage of this online.


  1. Those photos from the shooting are AWESOME. If there are more, you have to write an HG101 article just to get them all posted in full resolution.

  2. Oh wow! This was one of my favorite 3DO games because it was SO damn weird and took a LOT of patience to get into. But once you were clicked in and took down the first boss, the game opened up and became much more fun. It's too bad it never got the love it should have, as it would make for a really cool Kickstarter remake one of these days...


  3. Please do write something up for HG101! I liked this game a lot and think it deserves more attention, though at heart it's really just a prettier version of Spectre for Macintosh. The manual sold the game a bit short, which didn't help.