Friday, October 7, 2011

Update 10/7: King's Field, Might and Magic, Dead or Alive and TMNT (iOS)

So that Dark Souls game came out this week, didn't it? I still have to get around to properly playing its predecessor, Demon's Souls, since my PS3 died right when I first started it and never got back into it. But anyone with an interest in either game should read up on King's Field, the first person action-RPG from whence these games sprung. Originating on the original PlayStation, they're very...well, old and clunky, but as usual they're interesting from a historical perspective. And if you want even older RPGs, we've finished up the Might and Magic article, covering all nine games in the main series. Look for more computer RPG articles in the near future!

Our Spotlight Article is for Dead or Alive, which recently saw a new-ish entry on the 3DS, and will apparently be getting a fifth installment soon. Your Weekly Kusoge is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the iOS, a shamefully bootlegged product that made it past Apple's ace product approval squad and stayed there until the blogosphere discovered it. Of course, those guys didn't play the game and just quoted the few user reviews on the App Store - we hear at HG101 took the bullet for our readers and spent the $5 on it, just so you could mock it with us!

Also, the video game music poll finished up last week. You can check out the preliminary results here, breaking down the top 1000 tracks, although in another week or two we'll have a proper article that isn't just a forum post with Youtube links. The gist is, according to our readers, the two best video game songs of all time are Time's Scar (the opening theme) from Chrono Cross, and Dr. Wily Stage 1 & 2 from Mega Man 2.


  1. According to some guy on Kotaku (one of the commentors on the Kotaku post about TMNT (iOS) the game itself is actually a stolen student project. The person in question said that the student was in a class he taught (and some of the other games from that company were also nicked student works).

  2. Just to compliment KaL's comment, you forgot to say the game's scenario was also stolen, this time from the first NES Contra's initial screen!

    And, since we are in the "student project" subject, you could write in a future column about a game named "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties" for the 3DO, an apparently homemade game that inexplicably managed to get a commercial release.

    1. I think the Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is easy to make a column. They don't need the 3DO emulator and it's rom. It can be played in Youtube on a channel called Hormone1994.

  3. Ios games should be void from kusage as most are just junk. Kinda like the flash games you find on newgrounds, some are great, some are pish.

    Also, unrelated, any chance of an 'importers guide to gaming' type article one day? you have sites advertised in both the blog and your links page but a guide to importing games and which sites are best would be ace. judging by many blog posts, you and the crew have some experince with this topic.

  4. Hey, man! Why did you bashed OZ´s graphics? There are almost no jaggies and has good effects for a ps2 title.

  5. You're right, covering too many iOS games is like the proverbial fish/barrell scenario, but this one was so explicitly awful that is was worth writing up.

    I'm not sure TMNT is a student project, just that the company's other games definitely were. And they look pretty awful too!