Wednesday, August 31, 2011

PS3 Sixaxis on a x64 Windows PC

Whatever the hell you do, under NO circumstances use MotioninJoy – that stuff reeks of pure dodgy. Instead let us show you the safe way to use your PS3 controller on your x64 Windows PC. In my case, I was running Windows 7. First there’s a rant, so if you want the solution, just skip to TAMAMY DRIVERS.

Having decided to play Xenoblade Chronicles on PC hooked up to my HDTV instead of the Wii on my SDTV, I needed a controller. There are plenty of safe and easy options for those using the older x86 (32bit) versions of Windows, such as XP. My main rig is x86 XP, but the PC I borrowed for Xenoblade was Windows 7 and x64 (64 bit). Problem: most drivers designed for x86 will permanently disable all your USB ports if you try to put them on a x64 computer (I don't know why, apparently they just do). They will mess you up.

This blog post is to correct a misconception on the internet – an attempt at undoing a dangerous fallacy. Googling for info on the above will reveal countless websites all proclaiming the pleasures of a website/program called MotioninJoy, which allegedly allows use of the Sixaxis on x64 Windows.


They state quite clearly that because their drivers are unsigned you need to boot x64 versions of Windows while holding F8 and then from the menu choose to ignore mandatory signature enforcement. I did this. Then I downloaded it, did a virus scan and then ran it.

Anyway, after running it, suddenly ESET, NoScripts and a couple of other safety countermeasures were giving off RED WARNING LIGHTS and KLAXON SOUNDS – this little trollop was trying to access servers in Zhiang province, or god knows where in CHINA. All I know is suddenly I’ve got a wall of Chinese names and server numbers because apparently I’m trying to connect to something I shouldn’t be and a dozen dirty sources are trying to connect to my system. So I immediately cut the hard line on my rig and shut it all down.

Let me tell you how I roll: I do not allow random programs to connect to unknown servers in countries on the other side of the world known for their dodgyness to download crap I don’t recognise. For all I know they were uploading the digital mind of CHAIRMAN MAO onto to my rig, or viruses, Trojans, root kits, or worms.

One website claims you can install it offline, by downloading another pack of files, but this disables use of the joysticks. What the hell is the point of that? If I didn’t want analogue joysticks I’d use my Saturn pad. They force you to go online so they can potentially rodger you senseless. Seriously WTF is up with them trying to force you to connect to Chinese servers to download random things you can’t even see. Let me use an analogy. You wouldn’t expose your genitals to a hornet’s nest, would you? You might not get stung even if you did, but why take such an unnecessary risk? Do NOT trust MotioninJoy.

Regardless, it’s all redundant, because there IS an alternative, a solution that allows Sixaxis usage with analogue joysticks on a x64 system, and it doesn’t require destroying your PC, and it’s free and totally excellent.


Japanese coder Tamamy has made drivers that work on Windows XP, Vista and 7, on both x86 and x64. You have to manually install them after connecting your control pad, but they work well. Although being unsigned, same as MotioninJoy’s drivers, means you need to boot while F8 each time you start your computer (again, same as MotioninJoy).

Even so, you can plainly see the INF files that comprise it (unlike MotioninJoy), plus it doesn’t connect to the internet and you have full control over it (unlike MotioninJoy). This is the perfect solution in my view.



Please note, I used them without problem on Windows 7, but obviously use caution with this kind of stuff. Myself and HG101 can’t be held responsible for misuse.

On an ironic side note, the mods at DC-Emu, a forum I have long realised to be filled with denizens of wrong logic (the Katana Dev Kit and Smash Pack says hi fellas!), actually locked the thread on Tamamy’s drivers. While Googling for info on this I came across a DC-Emu thread on them, where everyone was chatting, happy as Larry, on how best to use them. Suddenly a mod comes along and locks the topic, saying: “Enough of this, enough of this, MotioninJoy is out now, everyone stop talking about this and move along and use that instead – no more talk of Tamamy, go and connect to Chinese servers and use MotioninJoy like the good proles that you are. Move along now.”

I actually pictured the mod with an Orwellian era moustache and truncheon, goading the slackjawed forumites into submission.

Frankly I think that’s a travesty. MotioninJoy is not only garbage, but it’s dangerous garbage. And they were openly advocating its usage, while trying to turn people away from a safer and more trustworthy source of drivers, where you have full control over their implementation, and you know precisely what you’re installing. They even locked the goddamn topic on it, effectively censoring any discussion of Tamamy’s drivers. Madness, pure madness!

For Sixaxis use on a PC, use Tamamy’s drivers.


  1. Ooh, great timing. I just thought about setting up my Sixaxis for my new x64-system. I think I will avoid MotionInJoy this time. It seemed to work last time on my old system, but it was pretty banged up anyhow, digital overmind chairman Mao or not.

  2. I just installed MotioninJoy last week, because apparently some more recent software (Bastion, in particular) refuses to acklowedge regular Windows controllers in lieu of official Xbox 360 pads, and MotioninJoy is supposed to emulate them. I never got it working because apparently you need a BlueTooth adapter to get the PS3 pad working properly - should probably uninstall it after reading this anyway. I'm still running XP, though.

  3. Have actually been using MotioninJoy for quite a while now, without any problems. I don't know who/what/where it is connecting to, but I haven't had any issues or trojan/virus come through (then again, I don't really run anti-virus, because I keep an eye on the registry/processes/services and just kill it as it pops up). Also, the newest version of MotioninJoy IS now a signed driver; don't have to press anything while booting up my x64 W7 laptop.

    Not saying it's perfectly safe, just saying that I had a different experience with it; will still prolly check out the Tamamy drivers, though the special load of W7 is still an annoyance in my opinion.

  4. I am pretty sure its connecting to the adds and such that sell dongles that show up in the mojoy control panel.

    Regardless it is hell to use when you use a blue tooth dongle for a keyboard. It keeps loading as a controller rather than a keyboard.
    I wish it was as easy as any other controller! Bah!

  5. Wow glad you have a solution...too late for me though.

    Got desperate a few months back and installed MoitioninJoy. 20 minutes later I blasted it off my computer...not sure what it left behind though. I can't believe the kind of shit ppl recommend online. Like Foxit reader.

    Then I bit the bullet and I bought a Hori 360 wired controller. It's fat, the sticks feel like ass, and the triggers blow...but other than that the d-pad and the buttons are nice.

  6. After posting this I went googling for MotioninJoy and on their official forum one guy was saying it disabled all his USB ports on his Windows 7 rig - so take of that what you will.

    In fact you should always Google stuff before using it, adding random words like DANGER, and VIRUS and NUDE after the main keyword. Well, not nude, but you get my drift.

    As for Windows XP, I love it. It has maximum compatibility for the majority of stuff I like.

    If I were a millionaire I would walk into an indie PC store, open a briefcase of money, rub some of it in the owner's face and say: look, just hook with me up with the best of everything that works with XP and then just put XP on it.

    Do modern processors and graphics cards even work with XP, or do you have to get Vista and Windows 7? I am determined to hold out.

    And holding F8 is indeed annoying!

  7. At my case I only need to use motioninJoy to install my sixaxis, but after this, I don't to open this software anymore, I don't even need a internet connection and my sixaxis works just fine.

  8. question: do those Tamamy drivers emulate x360 pads using ps3 controllers? some pc games tend to only recognize x360 pads and motionjoy does this great even if the damn program is horrible, annoying and gives me a blue screen once in a while.

    What i didn't know if they had released a version with signed drivers, it's annoying to have to press f8 every damn time i start my computer.

  9. @Sketcz

    You won't be able to use Direct X 10 and 11. But other than that. You'll be fine with top of the line hardware and XP.

  10. Thanks a lot for this. I had used MotionInJoy before, it sucks so much. It's hard to install and when you "succeed", your bluetooth driver stops working.

  11. Well, gonna try out Tamamy now then. I've been using MotionInJoy until now, but it would be great to be able to use PS3 controllers while not being connected to the internet.

    Also, you can probably remove the need for pressing F8 each time you boot by using Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider (quite a mouthful, isn't it?). It worked for MotionInJoy, will probably work for Tamamy.

  12. been using Motionjoy for years now without a single problem. The application goes online for ads and to download the updated menu/page layouts (it's all in HTML I believe).

    My PC is as virus free as ever and I love that motionjoy allows me to emulate a 360 controller for games that have native support for it.

    Also been able to get it working wirelessly with a supported BT dongle. Whoever said you need a BT dongle to use it period is wrong, you can use USB to your hearts content without BT.

    Sorry to see such a useful and harmless piece of software getting bashed....


  13. The problem with MotionINjoy is that it tries to take over your entire computer. If you had built in Bluetooth, then MotionInjoy takes complete control over it rendering some bluetooth products you may want to buy in the future inoperable. If for some reason you wanted to buy an official xbox 360 controller for your pc, like I did down the line, your game would freeze during gameplay because the drivers would clash. There was even a point that after installing a device that the motioninjoy wanted control of that it caused a chain reaction on my computer and disabled my keyboard, wifi, firewall and antivirus. Yes, motioninjoy works great when it does. But if you end up getting a device that wants to have a driver war with it, then look out -- you are in for a lot of headaches.

  14. This rant is fine and all but it doesn't say what to do AFTER you've installed the Tamamy drivers. I can get the thing installed, but getting any game to recognize I have a controller is a whole nother ball game.

  15. Motioninjoy has signed drivers now.

  16. That isn't the point that it has signed drivers. The point is its a piece of shit software that hijacks the way your computer does drivers. If I plug in 2 dongles, I would like to use one for the DS3 and one for everything else. Can I do that. NOPE. MiJ is like HEY LOOK ANOTHER ONE LETS GIVE IT OUR DRIVERS, HE OBVIOUSLY IS OVERKILL.

  17. Really all you have to do is google "motionjoy virus" or trojan, or malware.Theres absolutely nothing.

    I was letting motionjoy through my firewall around april of last year and neither avast av, pctools threatfire, pctools firewall or malwarebytes have give me any reason to believe it may be malware.

    On XP once i install both the default drivers and the motionjoy drivers i can switch back and forth by just updating the drivers via device manager.If you have two dongles you might be able to update one to run the default motionjoy driver and leave the other to run the default driver.

  18. You can also roll back the drivers on motionjoy if you need to use your dongle for something else... Buy another dongle, plug it in and take note of it's hub number install your motionjoy drivers making sure that hub number is unchecked, two bluetooths. My only problem is that when I reboot the controller defaults back to a ds3, instead of emulating a 360.

  19. i'm glad someone has recognized the glaring issue with that flaky software, it doesn't help i've also seen some articles talking about how china's government is pretty much encouraging corperate espionage of various other countries, it wouldn't surprise me to find it's some kind of keylogger fronted as a stupid game pad driver. i mean virus's are bad but potentially installing a malicious driver, your antivirus won't even know, with the protections stripped.

  20. all this readings getting me down... I aint installing either, (tho I'd pick the tamay if I had 2) chit I'd rather buy a ps imitation controller or some kinda adaptor than run the risk of having all my usb slots disabled, permanitly, I use a wireless keyboard & mouse on seperate usb slots, I may add another device in the future.. so, yeah, bugger that, thanks for all the info guys. *sigh* I agree with the guy who said he bought an xbox controller even tho they suck, for various reasons, but yeah, microsoft support it, wish sony would, sony makes computers, makes pc games so wtf seriously lol, think im gonna go pester them some ;) heh. take it easy you guys, and if in doubt, forget about. peace.. (so much for playing Mortal Kombat Trilogy Today Then lOl)

  21. 1 - "been using Motionjoy for years now without a single problem. The application goes online for ads and to download the updated menu/page layouts (it's all in HTML I believe)."
    Yes the entire control panel for this thing is in html, which is why it was connecting to servers. As to why it was connecting to chinese servers? Well, it couldn't be that the owner LIVES IN CHINA, COULD IT?
    From motioninjoy registrar:
    xie mingchun
    128 Languang Road
    shenzhen, 518054

    Oh my goodness, shocking indeed. I would have never guessed that a program that started out with no english and entirely in chinese would have been made by someone in china, maintained on a server in china.

    2 - For the whole bad driver thing, yeah it pretty much does have that problem. On a rare occasion it will decide to no longer work or make something else not work, but I believe this has to do with getting a compatible bluetooth dongle. I've never seen anything go wrong if you didn't have a dongle plugged in; unless you're on x64, like I am now. And if you've been on x64 even for a month, you'd know that drivers are a pain for EVERYTHING on x64.

  22. im having major problems getting my ps3 pad working on pc any help please people im on windows 7

  23. I tried installing the driver and rebooted the computer to disable driver signatures, but it's not working and when I check Device Manager it says "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" for device status. I am running windows 7 64bit.

  24. this blog is bullshit! how the fuck am i supossed to install this shit?

  25. The information here is old.

    Motioninjoy now has SIGNED drivers and it works perfectly with ANYTHING. PCSX2, JPCSP, Dolphin Wii, even letting you control your desktop with your gamepad. ANY gamepad. On top of that, it lets you make your own... MACROS!

    1. I can't use my fucking wii controller cause this gay shit hijacked the BT. FUCK.

  26. Motioninjoy is ugly, bloated shit.

  27. Motioninjoy recently started bluescreening me. I'm trying to switch to these Tamamay drivers, but I have no idea how to set them up.

  28. Informs people of alternative to MIJ.

    Doesn't tell people how to use it.


    Seriously, how the hell do you install this thing? You seem to have got it working, is it really so hard to write up some detailed instructions for this thing especially when the website you linked to does not?

  29. Something important is missing here:
    You're where complaining about having to press F8 on Startup because of the unsigned drivers. The problem is that you have to do this as well for the TAMAMY drivers as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So fuck it.

  30. Motioninjoy is fine, plus it's signed, no more of that test mode junk or hitting F8 everytimg. Just use the 6 version and install the offline mode. Block the thing from going online, and use offline mode exclusively.

  31. The writer of this article is an idiot, of course your going to get warnings, it's an unsigned driver. but just to prove how stupid you are for saying the chinese are trying to take over your computer. guess what they have a signed version now. i've used both the signed and unsigned versions of this because it's the absolute best way to get a ps3 working on a windows system.

  32. Motioninjoy fucked my win 7 x64 so bad i had to call customer service. screwed up my bluetooth, usbs, and constant bluescreens.

  33. Since this is for Sixaxis I'm assuming it has no rumble correct?

    Also does it emulate the x360 gamepad since some PC games only allow the 360 controller.

    Cause I just tried motioninjoy and it is a bloated piece of shit and a pain the ass to remove completely. Also messed around with my wi-fi as well with constant disconnects on my laptop until I got rid of it.

  34. i totally agree that motioninjoy is complete shit. its nice to see we have working ps3 controller drivers, but i find it hilarious after reading all of these comments how everyone just keeps repeating one another, not even paying attention to the thousands of other "oh yeah, well motioninjoy is signed now, so nyah!" its ridiculous. signed or not, what pisses me off about this software is how the developer forces you to open his program so he can gain more money off ad views. why not just sell the program for a price? i would easily pay $10-20 for the software if he allowed it to actually SAVE your current settings. but everytime i shutdown or restart my computer, when it starts back up i have to go back into motioninjoy, set the mode i want it in, etc because the freakin program defaults back as soon as you close it or shutdown your computer! i actually prefer my ps3 controller over 360. just feels more natural, but at this rate with software that only works properly when you go online (sorry, in this day and age, people play 3D games that require analog sticks, not basic d-pad buttons), i might as well just jump ship to 360 controller. its a shame too because the ps3 controller is so much better for me.

    oh, and i also forgot to mention that when i do get Bluetooth to work with motioninjoy, i get drop outs where i have to plug the controller in through usb and set everything up all over again. sometimes even reinstall drivers to get Bluetooth to work again. not all of us sit in front of our computers right at our desks and can just easily plug in the usb cord to go through all of that. its called convenience, hence why i mentioned not minding paying for motioninjoy if the developer offered a paid version without all of these stupid annoyances.

  35. Is there a chance this could disable my usb ports? That's what motionjoy did

  36. HA, exactly the same thought process as me.

    Is using a PS3 controller on PC worth having permanent live server links to china ??

    OH HELL NO !!

    Thanks for taking the time to write this dude

  37. This is really useless as there's no way of setting the keys as the keys used on the keyboard. If someone could make a GUI wich would allow custom macros this would be really neat to use.

  38. I made a tool which replaces DS3_Tool.exe, it doesn't try to connect to anything on the internet, and supports all controller features. Feel free to check it out.

  39. This was my solution, it works perfectly. I said to hell with motionincrap and all that damn bluescreen shit on top of my controller randomly not working all the suddenly during games. But anyways, thank you whoever made this, it worked great for me!

  40. Thank you sir! I tried for hours to get Motioninjoy to even work, I jumped through every hoop I knew and never got it working. Just uninstalled that garbage.

    This WORKED the first time, simple, elegant, brilliant.
    Can't thank you enough

  41. I found your blog after I had installed MiJ :( but what lead me to search even more was I noticed some strange udp ports had been opened on my router by the pc I had it installed on.

    So I've re-installed Win8 just to be on the safe side.

    If you have this MiJ installed and enabled uPnp on your router, you may want to have a closer look at what ports are now open!!

  42. For those that stumble here looking for an alternative to MiJ (and actually read the comments :) ), here's a great one:

  43. SKETCZ, you are my hero
    for showing up an alternative to this motioninjoy-crapware.

    i cannot understand how any sane person can use this scam-ware-programmers-wet-dream at all.


  44. looked over the web for hours, tuning lib usb and testing and so on for hours.
    I did not want to spread my ass open wide to a program that would work this way "shut up, no questions, we do suspicious things, no worry, just have fun".
    So THANKS A LOT to you this is the only website where i could found an alternative.
    And thanks to tamamu of course who did great work, I LIKE F8 and give a little bit of my time thinking of you working for hours, THANKS FOR SHARING IT !
    Simon, France.

  45. how do you use it? where do you copy the files to?