Monday, August 29, 2011

Great interview with creator of Psychic World and Outrun 2019 on GDRI

A couple of days ago, GDRI has posted a huge interview with Tsunemoto Sugawara for their 5th anniversary, who worked at Hertz on classic games like Psychic World / Psycho World, Hydefos, Lenam and Outrun 2019. The interview is from two years ago, but hasn't been posted in its entirety until now. There's tons of background info on this little known developer and its games, and even some concept sketches for Psycho World, so check it out.


  1. Great interview. I found the bits about rights and a possible Psychic World/Psycho World remake especially interesting.

  2. Removed just out of cautiousness/courtesy. He'd specifically asked to not use the sketches for commercial means and since there are ads on this blog it's technically a kinda-somewhat-just-a-litte commercial thing. It's still available on the linked site, among more elaborate sketches.