Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Warning a Huge Podcast - Japanese games

Ay carrumba! It's been so long since I mentioned WAHP, the podcast dedicated to Japanese gaming, that now I think I need to mention at least 3 episodes. I've been busy: writing articles, interviewing people, entertaining guests, and I've found information on an unreleased gem of a game (it's not Akira, it's bigger than that). So I've had little time to enjoy podcasts. I only finished WAHP 16 a couple of days ago and then jumped straight to 18, which is post E3. I especially liked Shidoshi's healthy scepticism of the El Shaddai demo. I'll also buy it because it bucks current trends and looks gorgeous, but man, the jumping is just not cricket. If you've not listened to all the episodes, the news and Japanese twitter coverage will be slightly out of date in the older ones, but the anecdotes are still great (I hope they do a special episode where they just talk nostalgically about the past). Otherwise it's a great 3+ hour source for Japanese gaming information. You can also follow them on Twitter, which is handy for news tidbits. While you're there, follow us too. In vaguely related gaming news, Japanese game by Suda51 and and Shinji Mikami with music by Akira Yamaoka, Shadows of the Damned, is out in America now!

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