Monday, August 3, 2009

The future is here, and it's going to suck

dai jou bu here again.

So while the future may look bleak if G.Rev's predictions of it come true, at least the background music is going to sound awesome while we're trying to fix it. Senko no Ronde: Dis-United Order (or just plain DUO, as I'm going to call it from now on) was finally released sometime last week in Japanese arcades, and G.Rev's been uploading a crapload of tutorial videos for it in order to help ease newcomers into the game. Below this paragraph is a video that has the best music I've heard so far for it:

The first few seconds of this video before it cuts into cavaliers note is most likely used for the game's character select screen, based on the location test videos I've been able to watch for it. Most of the music for the videos G.Rev uploaded onto their youtube profile so far sounds more like stuff you'd hear at a club or rave, which I find kind of strange for reasons that would require me to dump more text than I'd like to at the moment, but it's not in any way a bad thing.

And the best part is, some of the music still manages to sound retro at the same time. Yasuhisa Watanabe really outdid himself for this game. Hurry up and announce an Xbox 360 port already, G.Rev. >_>


  1. I was tempted to buy a 360 just for the original, but didn't in the end... What are the chances they'll port this to the PS3?

  2. So I've been wanting to buy the U.S. Senko no Ronde(wartech) game for a while but I don't have a 360. So I was wondering, is this series good enough to warrant me buying an X-box 360 Just for the game?

  3. If you loved Virtual On's control mechanics, you'll fall in love with Senko no Ronde. You'll fall in love with it even faster if you like Virtual On and shmups and wished Cave would do something creative with their danmaku like with what G.Rev's been doing here.

    Speaking of Virtual On, you can also get the last arcade version of Oratorio Tangram for the Xbox 360 as well, which is pretty much the best in the entire series since that was created before most of the original staff broke off from Sega.

    You'll also love Senko no Ronde if you like space-age atmosphere and wondered how the future would look like if we stuck to 1960s aesthetics for several centuries, which this game nails down very well.

    As for the chances they'll port it to PS3, they're going to be pretty slim. G.Rev has pretty much made the Xbox 360 their next home system ever since Sega closed down their GD-ROM production plants two years ago, hence why Mamoru-kun was released on the Xbox 360 instead of the Dreamcast despite not having the same kind of facelift like the home port of Senko had.

  4. I love original, it still gets a lot of playtime from me. I really hope we get DUO in the states, though given how quickly the first game was dropped into the budget bin, I somehow doubt we will. =/