Sunday, August 23, 2009

English Policenauts translation due out TODAY


That 8/24/09 is actually going by the Japanese dates. The folks on Junker HQ are saying it should be up by noon on 8/23, which is TWENTY WHOLE MINUTES FROM NOW.

Forum Post

I've owned this game for almost exactly ten years. I bought the import version and, as a naive high school student, thought "Yeah, I'll study Japanese and I can totally play this in a few years!" And then after several years of study, I realized that getting to that level of comprehension would require more effort and/or cultural immersion than I was willing to take - in other words, I'd probably need a degree in the damn language - so I gave up. And now it'll come to pass.

Yeah, after all this anticipation, it might be disappointing or whatnot, but I still think Snatcher is my favorite Kojima game, so I'd love something more in that vein. The MGS's are still pretty great (except 4) but, at an early stage in his career, he probably had some superior who could actually slap him around and tell him whatever he was thinking was actually "retarded" and should "stop right now or be fired, you dolt." MGS2 and 4 could've used a lot of that.

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