Sunday, July 27, 2014

HG101 State of the Union July 2014

First off, I'd like to extend a tremendous amount of gratitude for anyone who's donated to our site's Patreon. We've been running it for about a month now, so I thought I'd line out some of the changes we've implemented that have helped improve the site.

For starters, and you've probably already noticed this, the front page has been completely redesigned. The main reason behind this is that it makes updating much easier, since we don't need to write huge descriptions every time we update. In the past it was just me updating the main page, and I often only had time to get everything together on the weekends. We originally promised biweekly updates when we met out $500 funding goal, but between myself and fellow site admin Sam Derboo, we've exceeded that and have been hitting closer to three or four updates on a weekly basis. The extra money has helped funding the additional work required to get these updates in order. We've also worked our way (mostly) through our large posting backlog, so submitted articles will appear sooner. In the past, it often took up to three months before articles were officially posted, which I'm sure irritated some contributors, but the increased manpower has helped us become more efficient.

Additionally, we've also revised the site Submission Guidelines, which also outlines our revised payment rates. Initially they were kind of loose, typically about $15-$25 per game covered depending on the length, but with the help of the Patreon, we've revised them to, at the very least, double their original rates, and in the case of the longer pieces, nearly tripled. It's still not quite up as high as professional sites, but as contributions to the Patreon increase, we'll be increasing these too!

Note that all Patreon contributors of $5 or more get free digital copies of the books. If you've already contributed, check out the first post we made for links to the PDFs. You'll be receiving a free digital copy of the Castlevania book once it's completed too. A revised Kindle copy of the Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures is coming soon, as well as a previously unreleased Kindle version of Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 1. All contributors of the $10 tier or higher will get their names in all upcoming books, including the Castlevania one, so let me know if you want a different name added. All contributors at the $25 tier will also get a copy of the Castlevania book mailed to you, so make sure you have your address entered!

Finally, I'd like to share some previews of books that are currently in progress. The $2,500 goal is kind of a pie-in-the-sky goal that would allow me to work full time on these, and we're not quite there yet, but books will still be coming, albeit at a very slow pace. The Castlevania book should be out in the next month or two, so more details will be posted of that shortly, but in the mean time here are some other books:

HG101 Presents: Konami Shooters (Gradius, Parodius, TwinBee, etc.)

HG101 Presents: Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 2

HG101 Presents: Shin Megami Tensei

HG101 Digest Vol. 1 (includes full articles for Bionic Commando and Strider, as well as similar games, plus 80 JP PS1 games worth playing, a collectors guide to Genesis/Mega Drive games, the Dark Age of JRPGs, and more. Future editions will cover Taito arcade games)

I'll be posting more samples in the coming weeks so you get a feel of what we've planned.

Thanks again for all of your support, and we hope that the new HG101 will be deserving of your support!


  1. Oh, the SMT one really interests me. There won't be parts contributed by cjiwakura/based on his ones on this site though, I hope?

  2. Everything is going to be written from scratch on the SMT one. Which is one of the reasons while it'll probably take so long.

  3. Now that the front page is going to have smaller, more regular updates it would be nice if it also had an RSS feed so it is easier to keep up with them.

  4. Will the new books be available on Amazon, like the first Sega AC?

  5. Really nice seeing my favorite gaming site growing ever stronger. Can't wait to read the SMT book as well. Luck to all.

  6. Now that the front page is going to have smaller, more regular updates it would be nice if it also had an RSS feed so it is easier to keep up with them.

  7. Can't wait for that Castlevania book! I'll be picking one up for myself & one for my sister for her birthday! Harmony of Despair needs more love, the NES ones and SotN keep hogging it all...

  8. I can't register on the forum, it keeps looping on the Forum Username page.

  9. I'd second the RSS request, but technically it would have been easier in the past with the fewer "main summary" posts, right? But I'm wondering how easy it is to create an RSS feed, let alone maintain one, so maybe it's not as easy as we'd think.

    I'm not that familiar with Patreon, but rest assured that I definitely want to contribute, both in cash and maybe in articles in the future. Anyways, keep up the good work, as usual!