Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Only 6 days left for Kenji Eno's unreleased game

The crowd-funding project KAKEXUN has only 6 days left before it ends, having reached 4'500'000 yen. Which is only 500'000 yen short of its goal. Or about $5000. It's an attempt to create one of the last documented ideas of Kenji Eno, before he passed away.

I've backed it 5000 yen. Though you can back any amount. Although it's a Japanese crowd-funding platform, rather than something like Kickstarter, it's surprisingly easy to set-up an account. English instructions are available.

I posted an excerpt of my interview with Katsutoshi Eguchi on Gamasutra. As I mentioned previously on the blog, this is a fascinating example of posthumous creation - the ideas of someone deceased being created by that person's friends, as true to the original vision as possible.

Will they reach their goal though? It's going to be tight with only 6 days left. But I like to think that there's enough fans of WARP and Kenji Eno to be curious about it. Or at least post on Twitter and social media, spreading knowledge of it. Here is HG101's feature on some games by WARP. Help the legacy live on by talking about it - what do you think of this development? Spread the word.

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