Thursday, September 12, 2013

GC9X #23 - Home Sweet Home!

For the month of September, GC9X has a spooktacular game for you in the form of Sweet Home! Released in 1989 by Capcom and based on a film of the same name, Sweet Home has the distinction of being one of the first ever survival horror games (alongside Project Firestart, released the same year). Sweet Home is all about managing your dwindling resources and making the best use of your characters' items, a mechanic that would be featured in Sweet Home's spiritual successor Resident Evil.

That's not all that's in store for you! The runners up of this month's GC9X vote, Chakan the Forever Man and Majyuuou, are this month's Game's Nite featured games. A livecast covering both games and similarly spooky titles will be shown this upcoming Sunday, September 15th, stream time to be announced.

Finally, later this month, xerxes will do live commentary of the Sweet Home movie, so be sure to stay tuned!

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(screenshot courtesy of MobyGames)

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