Monday, August 26, 2013

Update 8/26 - Leisure Suit Larry, Yatagarasu, 7up: Spot, Spinmaster / Dashin' Desperadoes, X-Multiply

We're heading this update with a revamp of the Leisure Suit Larry article. Why? First off, we've added a review of the recent remake, Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded. Second, one of our readers, Starscream, discovered that Softporn Adventure, the text adventure that has inspired the Larry games, was actually ported to Japanese computers, renamed Las Vegas, and given completely new graphics. This article has several comparison shots between these four version: Las Vegas, the EGA Larry 1, the VGA Larry 1, and the HD Larry Reloaded. Additionally, since we dug out Leisure Suit Larry, I decided to post the review for the two Les Manley games, which were fairly shameless Larry ripoffs from Accolade.

Spot, the 7up mascot, was a star of a number of games back in the 90s. While he was first tacked onto a puzzle game, he later game into his own with the fairly decent platformer Cool Spot, which was followed up by the isometric scroller Spot Goes to Hollywood. Yatagarasu is a doujin 3D fighting game developed by some SNK vets, which was recently revealed to be ported to the Vita at some time in the future. X-Multiply is a freaky shooter from Irem, where you fly a miniaturized ship into an infested human body, and has close ties to the R-Type series. Spinmaster and Dashin Desperadoes are a pair of platformers developed by Data East starring two cowboys; the former is a decent action game for the Neo Geo, while the later is a unique split-screen on-foot racing game for the Genesis. And the latest iOS Shooter article covers Astro Bang, Occurro!, geoFighter: Light Wars, Arodius (one of the few such shooters that takes a note out of Otomedius and stacks it with scantily clad women), and Shape Shooter.


  1. Quick correction in the cool spot article;
    fido dido DID have his own game, it was a fairly average platformer on megadrive.

  2. I was under the impression that the Fido Dido game was not officially released, though there is a pre-release ROM floating about.

  3. I'm fairly certain it was released, there was to be a return on IOS/Android but I think that was scrapped.

    The Rom is a final build, or atleast it isin't registered as beta/pre-release.

    Also, it may be better to name the article 'Cool Spot' rather than '7up: Spot'

  4. The picture chosen to represent Yatagarasu is adding a much-needed touch of class that the site has been sorely missing as of late.