Sunday, October 11, 2009

.... My head hurts

So I decided to impulse buy a copy of A Witch's Tale for the DS because the atmosphere for the trailers I saw of it were very enticing. And then I ran into this Japanese trailer for the game that had a little surprise near the end of the video:

What shocked me wasn't the fact that the game had some vocal song that was most likely removed from the copy I'm going to be getting (which will probably have me seething in anger later if I find this to be true), but from the fact that Momoi Haruko... produced it. Apparently she started a record label while I was offline or something.

Anyway, if you don't know who Momoi Haruko is, she's awesome.


  1. yes she is indeed awsome, though whenever i see/hear her name all I can think of is, CHOCO BANANA!!....sorry, I liked Seto no Hanayome quite a bit :P

  2. The song at the end made me want her album.